Unleash Your Health and Beauty with Exfoliation!

February 1, 2019
Using a scrub is a necessary part of achieving healthy, plump and bright skin. Some of the benefits of using a gentle scrub to exfoliate your skin are: detoxifies impurities, improves skin texture, unclog skin pores, better absorption of skincare products and reduces acne scars.

Would You Dye For Your Hair?

February 1, 2019
There are risks that come with coloring our hair depending on the dye's ingredients, how often you color and the hue you choose. Is there a way to cover the grey - or just enjoy a nice color - without exposing ourselves to these toxic chemicals? Fortunately yes. There is a safer alternative - natural dyes.

To Dye or Not to Dye

February 1, 2019
Chemicals in most hair dye products have been linked to allergic reactions, hair loss, itching, breathing difficulty, cancer and even death. The more you colour, the greater your risk.

Beauty Secrets you can DIY

August 31, 2020
Store-bought products often contain chemicals that are not good for your health. So, how does the idea of DIY beauty products that you can create at home using Newlife products that you already have sound to you?

3 Important Tips for Maintaining Healthy and Youthful Skin

November 2, 2020
Your skin is often a reflection of your internal health. Dull or dry skin, breakouts, blemishes, pigmentation, or signs of premature aging such as fine lines or wrinkles may be signs that you need to pay closer attention to your diet and lifestyle. Here are 3 tips that can help promote healthy, beautiful skin from the inside out!