Detox & Rejuvenation Program

A Discovery to New Life

January 17, 2019
“Seeing the benefits, we decided to go for the full DRP and did the gallstone flush on the 7th day. Our results were amazing; I had lost a total of 20kg in the span of 10 months and my wife’s antigen count dropped to 5. The DRP is really amazing and we feel refreshed, lighter and vibrant.”

Rejuvenated from Head-to-Toe, Inside Out!

January 17, 2019
“I felt really good after the first coffee enema. The morning after the second coffee enema, I eliminated some black and smelly stools. I was thoroughly refreshed and felt that my body was lighter – even my headache disappeared! The DRP made me feel relaxed and rejuvenated from head-to-toe, inside out.”

My Journey to Better Health

January 17, 2019
“Two months later, I started the 7-day DRP and on the fourth evening, I had the liver and gall bladder detox. The result was remarkable and I passed 200 soft yellow and green stones and 11 hard white stones. A 3-foot stubborn stool was passed too.”

The Choice: Fight or Flight

January 17, 2019
“I had seven days of pure tranquilly, of healing and to give myself a new start. The DRP was carefully designed to help rebuild crucial elements in the body whilst aiding its recovery. That is exactly what it did for me and more.”

Newlife Gave Me a New Lease of Life

January 17, 2019
“I continued with the recommended products, supplements and lifestyle from July 2009 to date. After one year and three months, the fibroscan and blood test showed no liver cirrhosis.”

Choose to Live Healthy

January 17, 2019
“In April 2009, my total cholesterol was still high at 283mg/dL and weight management and indigestion was still a problem. I started the Newlife’s gall bladder stone flush in Aug 2009 even though I didn’t know if I have any gall stones. I passed out a total of 97 gall bladder stones ranging from 0.5cm to 2.5cm in diameter and many other tiny ones!”

Easily Kick-Start a Healthier Lifestyle

January 17, 2019
“During the DRP, I found that not only was my digestive system able to rest well, the supplementation of nutrients combined with the coffee enema helped my body to eliminate toxins faster and more effectively – enhancing the effects of detoxification. It was quite different from anything that I have experienced before.”

Gout Gone & No More Overweight

January 17, 2019
“With the help of the DRP, the swollen and painful parts of my legs healed gradually. Gout has completely gone. Moreover, I lost 5kg. I feel healthier and I am able to work more efficiently than before.”

Carcinoembryonic Antigen Tumour Marker Back to Normal!

March 20, 2019
“During the retreat, we also had coffee enemas twice daily to detoxify our colon and liver, while observing a healthy diet of salads, fruit juices and various Newlife supplements. After we returned from the health retreat, I retook my blood test. Thank God, the result showed that my CEA marker had gone down to 4.3!”

Prostate Cancer: From Stage 4 to Undetectable!

April 1, 2019
"For 3 consecutive check-ups up to the most recent one at the end of Oct 2018, the results have been consistently showing what is called "undetectable." This means my Prostate-Specific Antigen had gone down (at almost 40) to below 0.03. I am very happy and I will continue to follow the DRP."