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Newlife offers a wide range of products, most of which you can’t find under one roof in your local health store – including health supplements, equipments, etc. In today’s world, it is important to verify the source of what you consume and what it contains. We have the assurance of Newlife products through Dr Lynn Tan’s personal stringent quality checks

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6 Essentials

Herbal Klenz Powder
A high-fibre diet is one of the key factors for reducing the risk of many health conditions including heart disease, diabetes, constipation and colon cancer.

Supplies live friendly bacteria to protect your gut.

Health experts recommend an intake of at least 5 times more potassium than sodium.

Super Green Food ++
Phytonutrients are essential to maintaining good health in preventing nutritional deficiency.

Omega Gold Flax Seed Oil
Essential fatty acids support the cardiovascular, reproductive, immune and nervous systems.

Provides a combination of herbs that help to improve the health of the liver.

Mini DRP

Remove encrustations clogging your colon

Make Honegar by mixing 1 teaspoon each of NewLife Apple Cider Vinegar and Pure Raw Honey in a glass of water

Mix 1 heaped teaspoon of Herbal Klenz Powder in the glass of Honegar

Take 4 times daily for two weeks, and thereafter 1-2 times daily on an empty stomach, ½ hour before a meal or 2 hours after a meal

Restore friendly bacteria needed for health intestinal tract

Take 1 sachet of Immuflora mixed in room temperature water once a day

Restore potassium from overeating salt
Take ¼ teaspoon of K-Salt in water or juice, 4 times a day for at least 1 month

Recover nutritional deficiencies in cells and tissues
Take 1 sachet of Super Green Food++ in a glass of water or juice, 4 times a day for at least a month

Supply essential Omega 3 oils to your body
Take 1 tablespoon of Omega Gold Flaxseed Oil with yoghurt or as a salad dressing

Rebuild liver cells and remove toxins
Take 1 capsule of Liverin 3 times a day after meals