To keep score, count the number of emoticons (image) you receive

Question 1

I exercise at least once a week or do some sports from time to time.
I hardly exercise.

Exercise is very important for overall well-being and is a great stress reliever. Moderate exercise is needful. Go buy a pair of sports shoe and hit the gym!

Question 2

I wish there are 28 hours in a day. I need the extra 4 hours to add to my already deprived sleep. My workload is heavy.

You are probably overwhelmed by the amount of work you have to do and the many deadlines to meet on a regular basis. Honestly, will it really help with that extra 4 hours a day?

I am coping well with my workload and sleep well

Question 3

I am not a primary care giver.
As a primary care giver to my elderly sick parents, it is my responsibility they are well-cared for. It can also be a challenge to have consensus within the family.

It is noble to be a primary care giver to elderly sick parents. You desire to do it well. However, you shouldn’t stress yourself too much to perform to everybody’s expectations.

Question 4

I hold a steady job. My basic income is sufficient to meet my day-to-day needs.
I hold a steady job but my income is insufficient to keep up with my lifestyle. If only I have more money.

Financial worry is for sure most stressful. This is especially so when basic income is insufficient for the not-so-well-off. It is also stressful for those who are relatively well-off if they are highly geared. Stress may jeopardize your health to enjoy the lifestyle you have chosen.

Question 5

I do not have my own free time to do what I like.

You need your personal time away from the stressors in your life. Find some recreation to keep your sanity. Do something you enjoy, or even do nothing, to slow you down and calm the tension in your mind and body and help you relax.

I set aside time to pursue my interests or hobbies.

Question 6

If I am given an assignment, I will do it properly.
If I am given an assignment, I set a high standard for myself to do it well.

You are probably a perfectionist. Potentially it can drive you nuts. Much of the research backs the notion that perfectionism can be a negative trait – leading to anxiety and depression. You may need to learn to accept that your work only needs to be good enough rather than perfect.

Question 7

I am easily irritable and sometimes downright angry.

A combination of stressors may be too much for you. You do not know how to handle them which caused the angry outburst. At the same time, your anger further adds to your stress. Look at the feelings behind the stress to understand why you reacted angrily.

Nothing upsets me during the past week.

Question 8

Conflict with family members, friends or colleagues disturbs me a lot.

The relationships matter to you. You do not want to feel uneasy and be stressed whenever you are with them. If you feel bullied, or unjustly treated, you may become depressed, stressed and experience sleep disorder. The challenge is for you to move past the conflict without staying bitter.

Conflict with family members, friends or colleagues does not bother me much. Life goes on.

Question 9

1 PSLE is enough for me!
I have taken more than one PSLE in my life. My children’s PSLE is mine too!

Why take it more than once when once is enough? You are probably too involved in your children’s academic performance and someone who worries about your children’s future. This puts a lot of stress not only on yourself but also on your children. MOE’s de-emphasis on exams won’t reduce your stress anyway. You may need to get some tips on coping with the parental stress of PSLE!

Question 10

I am aware of the stressors in my life but I do not know how to handle them. I feel trapped.

People around you must be very concerned about you because they are worried sooner or later you are going to break down and your health will suffer.

I am aware of the stressors in my life and take steps to de-stress from time to time.

How did you do?

By now you should have guessed that the lesser the emoticons you received, the higher your stress level.