We live in an increasingly polluted world. The amount of toxins and health depleting factors we are exposed to internally and externally, known and unknown, are enormous. They include contaminated water, chemicals-filled and processed foods, drugs, toxic environmental chemicals, sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise and rest, prolonged high stress and a host of other factors which put such overwhelming toxic and allergenic loads on the body. Almost every day we hear and read news about yet another disease or health epidemic.

Prolonged use of drugs often comes with toxic side effects

While medical science has advanced so much in providing new researches or new drugs which focus on symptomatic treatments, the prolonged use of these drugs often come with toxic side effects leading to various complications. Chronic diseases continue to rise at an alarming rate and even young ones are suffering from illnesses which were unheard of in the last generation.

Many are confused with conflicting information on health

Despite the fact that health information is easily accessible in this internet age, many are still confused and lost with the varied or conflicting information on health, desperately searching for what truly works on treating the root causes and preventing the afflictions in the first place. Even the original sacredness and goodness of natural health is often adulterated and sometimes loosely practised now without a sound and scientific basis.

Health solutions which are time-tested, effective and safe

There is more than ever a great need for people to find true health solutions which are time-tested, effective and safe through means which are holistic, genuinely natural and nourishing to rebuild their immune system to better manage and overcome diseases of all sorts, and achieving total wellness for the total person from inside out.

Holistic health using whole foods and nutritional interventions

DL Total Health Pte Ltd exists to fulfil that great need, to be the Voice and Solution provider for holistic health using whole foods and nutritional interventions, and in the process educate people with sound holistic health knowledge so that they can be equipped to prevent the onset of diseases, minimise or avoid the unnecessary use of drugs, and be liberated to enjoy wholeness, vitality and balance – the way we are created to be, to thrive with abundance and significance in life.