We drink it every day to quench our thirst and to cool our body. Yet, this same water may carry sickness and diseases. Water, being the most important life-sustaining element after oxygen, is vital in transporting nutrients, regulating our body’s temperature and eliminating waste. As it is pure water our body needs, the ideal drinking water is distilled drinking water. After all, pure water is one of the greatest health gifts we can give ourselves.

All About Water

February 1, 2019
Distilled water is by far the purest and best water for consumption. However, there seems to be a few myths about distilled water.


It is a fact we need plenty of oxygen for survival, healing and health. It is the most important life-sustaining element, four to six minutes without it would spell death. While it is important for us to take measures to cut down pollution, we must also take proactive measures to improve the quality of air we breathe. To ensure a consistent supply of fresh air, use safe and reliable air purifiers. In addition to fresh air, we also emphasize the importance of developing proper breathing techniques.


We advocate proper nutrition, efficient assimilation and sufficient elimination. It is not how much you eat but how well you eat. Overly processed and refined foods today is far from what we need. Food is our medicine and should not be the cause of diseases. We may not know it but we are ageing and killing ourselves before our time. With food, is not its abundance or taste, rather it’s the nutritional quality. Ultimately, we are what we eat.

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Appropriate exercise is vital to our well-being. Since life itself is a motion, the more we move, the more alive we become. Exercise effectively promotes the elimination of waste and increases our intake of fresh air and oxygen. We highly recommend exercising on the Rebounder as it is the most effective equipment that works your body, your cells and promotes cell rejuvenation.

Exercise for Diabetics

February 1, 2019
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We spend one-third of our life sleeping. Sleep has tremendous recuperative powers. In sleep, the body cleanses, repairs, re-energises and heals itself. Yet today, we are so busy that we are starved of sleep. Rest and sleep is every bit as essential to life as water, air, proper nutrition and exercise.


Living in the tropics, our primary concern is not lack of sunshine rather the excessive exposure to it. In our health philosophy, sunshine refers to the joy and happiness that radiates from within. We are what we think and believe we are. In addition to positive mental self-affirmation, we encourage everyone to pursue a greater spiritual and community life based on our holistic health concept.