Not Your Typical Detox

February 1, 2019
Based on the principles of naturopathic medicine, we understand that the basic causes of many chronic and degenerative diseases are due to toxaemia and nutritional deficiency. Health experts estimate that over 90% of cancers and other chronic diseases are due to a combination of poor diet and toxins in the body.

Daily Detoxification for Better Health & Vitality

February 1, 2019
A high percentage of chronic and degenerative diseases can be traced back to constipation and poor colon health. You can prevent constipation and autointoxication by establishing daily habits that promote regular bowel movement and a healthy digestive system.

6 Essentials for Vibrant Health

February 1, 2019
The principles of freedom from disease don’t just apply to those who are suffering from diseases, but to any person who wants to live a long, healthy...

Coffee Enema: Hit or Myth?

February 1, 2019
The purpose of the coffee enema is to cleanse and fortify the liver in its job as a blood detox agent. The amount of toxins that get into our bodies...

Coffee Enema & Douches

February 1, 2019
Taking enemas are so beneficial that HOME ENEMA KIT should be an important item in your home. Appropriate enemas remove build-up toxins, which, in turn, may help to relieve various disease symptoms like headaches, asthma, fever, etc.


July 2, 2021
Newlife Mini-Detox is designed to help you with clean eating, replenish your body with essential nutrients, and cleanse your body with detoxifying herbs and coffee enemas (optional).